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Course Name

Learn how to Empower your Supervisors

An introductory program for Managers

Delivery Methodology

The Program is divided into two sections. The first section will be to train the Managers of the Supervisors on the modules along with the skills of Training. These trained managers will then be part of the training team along with Subject Matter Experts for imparting to the Supervisors.

Train the Trainer

The whole program in both the sections will be on the lines of Train the Trainer Concept. This enables them to be good advocators. The Managers first need to understand & accept that this works. Then when these Managers are themselves part of the delivery, the Supervisors will find it relatively easy to follow and deploy .


The Participants will be assessed through written tests upon completion of each session. The assessments will be timed in such a way that the evaluation is based on both the Theoretical understanding & the Practical Deployment .

Management Review

The progress of the program will be formally reviewed with the Top Management at fixed intervals. These reviews will ensure alignment of the Program with the Business Objectives and to Measure the Effectiveness in relation to the Performance Metric .

  • Module 1 - Role of Front Line Supervisors
    • Expectation Setting & being a Servant Leader

  • Module 2 - Building Trust to Get Results
    • Recognising the importance of Trust & Earning Respect

  • Module 3 - Communicating Effectively
    • Adopting different Communication Styles and Active Listening

  • Module 4 - Observing Performance & Providing Feedback
    • Observe Work, the Obstacles to deliver & map to Standard Work

  • Module 5 - Adding Value through Continuous Improvement
    • Participative Improvements, Benchmarking & Healthy Competition

  • Module 6 - Encouraging Problem Solving
    • Define, Analyse & Solve Problems through a Cross Functional Approach

  • Module 7 - Managing Conflict
    • Early Prevention, Gauging the effect and Applying Tactics

  • Module 8 - Coaching for Performance
    • Recognise the activities in Coaching Cycle

  • The Program is based on the principle of “Servant Leadership”. This Principle builds the feeling that one wants to Serve, to Serve first.
  • Heads of Functions, Factory Managers, HR Managers, People Managers
  • Person who can lead a team of five or more
  • One Day program on how to empower your supervisor
  • The Participants will be given a Course Workbook and each Session will primarily comprise of a Pre - Test, Activities, Theoretical Knowledge, Implementation Plan and Post - Test
  • In between the Sessions, Reviews will be Conducted to assess the for Effective Deployment.
  • Duration
    1 Day
  • Dates
    Starts From
  • Time
    9:30AM TO 5:30PM
  • Location
    Qltc Training Center,
  • Fee
    ₹5,000/- + 18% GST
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